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10th August 2022 

Frequently Asked Questions About Reflexology

How can Reflexology help me?
Reflexology can support you throughout any time and stage in your life. It is a wonderful treatment to have whether you are suffering from problems with your physical health or you are facing emotional challenges, or you would simply like to spend more time looking after yourself. By reducing tension and increasing your energy it can support your immune system, improve your sleep and sense of general well being. Remember, health is much more than the absence of illness.

Whats the difference between Reflexology and a foot massage?
Massage techniques are often included in Reflexology but it offers so much more as a complimentary therapy. It is the mindful, consciousness of the reflexologist and the time taken on each reflex of the foot that differentiates and elevates this therapy from the basic foot massage.

What will I feel during my treatment?
My clients often find that they feel an awareness in their own body corresponding to the sensitivities when I am feeling in their feet. This can be a sensation of heat or cold or a feeling of energy passing into a part of the body which they are currently having health problems with. In this way we can work together to pinpoint areas of the body that can benefit from reflexology and look at more general lifestyle changes.

Will it hurt?
Reflexology is usually extremely relaxing and any discomfort felt should never be beyond what you are happy to accept. Pressure can easily be altered depending on the needs of the client.

Who can benefit from Reflexology?
Everyone, I have the skills and knowledge to work with people of all ages from new-born babies to the elderly, including provision of clinical reflexology during chemotherapy and palliative care.

How long does a treatment take?
The first treatment will take about 75 minutes, a full medical history will be taken to establish your general health, lifestyle and why you have decided to come for a treatment. This will be followed by a thorough analysis of the reflex points on your feet to establish any out of balance reflexes. All information will be kept confidential (please read privacy notice). The subsequent treatments will take approximately 60 Minutes. Each treatment is tailored to meet the client's specific need

How many treatments will I need?
Everyone is different and our bodies may respond quicker to treatments more than others, you may feel an improvement after one treatment, however it may be advisable that a course of treatments would be more beneficial followed up with monthly maintenance treatments, dependant on an individuals health. Many clients chose to continue with maintenance treatments which they believe contributes to their own going well-being. Remember, health is much more than the absence of illness.